Jante Alu – Polish Partout Pastis Nul Part

I didn´t really know what to expect when I first read the name Jante Alu. Anyway, these three guys from Switzerland are blasting their way through 27 tracks of insane Grindcore eruptions with occasional Crustcore and Death Metal ingredients. “Polish Partout Pastis Nul Part” seems to be the bands very first release and let me tell you it´s a real straight-to-your-face album. High speed blast beats turn into slamming and groovy Death Metal breakdowns, while the vocals range from harsh screaming to dark growling. So far so good. But there´s a lot more to discover on this output than just shredding at full throttle. “Embrayage” (e.g.) includes a short reminiscence of Judas Priests “Painkiller” and “Sapin Senteur” surprises with slower and atmospheric riffing before it turns into a Black Metal track for the last seconds.

Well, by reading this you can imagine all songs are well executed and thought-out, but unfortunately the recording quality only reaches an average demo level, which goes to the detriment of the lasting impact and the entertainment value. We´re not talking about utter rehearsal room bullshit, but with a bigger budget and (according to this) a more powerful production “Polish Partout Pastis Nul Part” could have been a serious Grindcore inferno. By the way, you have to subtract roughly two minutes of the total playing time of 36 minutes, because there´s a Punk influenced hidden track behind the last song. However, Jane Alu left its calling card and true underground fanatics might be interested in purchasing this release. It´s completely up to you if you give this Swiss act a try or not.


Rewolucja Records
Reviewer: Alex

Feb 2, 2010

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Jante Alu – Polish Partout Pastis Nul Part

  1. Cle De Contact
  2. Chambre A Air
  3. Pare-Chocs
  4. Convertisseur De Couple
  5. Allume Cigare
  6. Cle Dynamometrigue
  7. Disgue De Frein
  8. Soupape D´echappement
  9. Bielle
  10. Collecteur D´admission
  11. Embrayage
  12. Phare
  13. Soupape Pop Off
  14. Sapin Senteur
  15. Bougie De Prechauffage
  16. Vilebrequin
  17. Appuie-Tete
  18. Pneu D´ete
  19. Accelerateur
  20. Roux De Secours
  21. Devoured By Benzine
  22. Soupape Pop Off
  23. Arbre A Cames
  24. Carburateur
  25. John Deere Division
  26. Retroviseur
  27. Tecktonic Moshpit - Capote Retractable

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