Jesus Christ - We Will Fight

This is thrash from Russia, a debut album fresh out of the blocks and there is something different to this release and that’s mainly from the vocals. These sound more traditional metal, a lott bit more epic but I do find this is a limiting factor as they are not that strong nor fitting to the music in my opinion. Musically speaking, it is fair to say that this is out of the box arranging. There are tried and tested sections of music and there are little idiosyncrasies that appear from time to time. ‘Eternal War’ has a crushing rhythm, a strong bass sound and something overall to bang your head too. The guitar sound is crunchy but the lead sounds better, the rhythm is quite high in the treble stakes and lacks the more modern earthiness that we can be accustom to now.

One of the other tracks that stands out is ‘Blind Humanity’ that has some riffing associated to the melodic death metal scene before the thrash syncopations crop up with some guitar fills and drum rolls that pumps your adrenaline. Unfortunately, the vocals are a real weak point, they lose strength and sound strained. Good Ideas I give you that, but not wholesomely executed.

As a release, its an ok listen, there are some limitations to the overall sound as I have mentioned before and there is a little confusion as to whether this band want to be in one genre or another. A nice starting point, but plenty of room for improvement as I have found a little frustration here as you can hear where the band want to be, they just need that little push more to get them there, time will tell is guess.

  1. March Of Jesus (Instrumental)
  2. The Deadmen Attack
  3. Eternal War
  4. Traitor
  5. Ahead
  6. Revolution Is Now (Instrumental)
  7. Blind Humanity
  8. We Will Fight


Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 3, 2014

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