Jig-Ai - Jig-Ai

Jig Ai is a band from the Czech Republic and like a lot of bands from that country they play fucking grind. The three members also played in NCC, Flying Brains, DEOAG and Psychotic Despair and know how to do it. The maintheme is built around a Japanese suicide method and brought to life in blasting and short tracks. The suicide theme is not throughtout the whole album as most of the songtitles are just hilarious on other topics. Heavy bulldozering bass and guitar lines with a pig screaming vocalist. Songs that are hyper fast but you will also find some mid tempo breaks. But most of the time it is just full speed ahead. If you are looking for innovation of the grindscene you have to look further but if you want to have fresh and blasting grind you can pick up this album without hestitation!

1. japanese gut cake
2. sounds of body sinuses
3. geishas sucks european cocks
4. hn- islam
5. ninja gangbang
6. adventure on the boat
7. injectator kruto
8. fresh manga flesh
9. vogelgrippe-n
10. pec nam spadla vs skakal pes
11. phimosiectomy made by scrub-slasher
12. suffocated between gigantic udders
13. sadomasochystic ppracties manual
14. hanger in her neck
15. extruding testicles through-garlic press
16. gourmet’s specialities of necrozoophil
17. la ley de plomo (cover Brujeria)
18. final cu(n)t
Bizarre Leprous Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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