Joe Lynn Turner - The Usual Suspects

After almost 30 years Mr. Truner still possesses the drive to release another solo album. Joe and his usual suspects created this album under heavy influence of Rainbow and Deep Purple, but don't expect anything progressive nowadays. Powerfull and bombastic hardrock with decent heavy guitar riffs. Variation is provided by quite a few (love)ballads and different tempo for almost every song. Quality is provided by the vocalrange and dynamics and the over-all production of this piece of powerrock... Fans don't have to hesistate.

1. Power of Love
2. Devil's Door
3. Jack Knife
4. Really Loved
5. Rest Of My Life
6. Into The Fire
7. Blood Money
8. All allone
9. Ball And Chain
10. Live And Love Again
11. Unfinished Business

Frontiers Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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