JT Ripper – Gathering Of The Insane

JT Ripper’s second full-length album "Gathering Of The Insane" dropped in late November of 2018. Hailing from the state of Saxony in Germany, this heavy metal trio consists of Chris Börner (drums), Daniel Brandenurg (guitar) and Steven “Steffen” Fischer (vocals, bass). JT Ripper is the amalgamation of former members of Chörnyj Woron and Mad Pleasure that came together back in 2010 and are still belting out good tunes.

JT Ripper’s second album "Gathering Of The Insane" builds upon the foundations set in their first album, "Depraved Echoes And Terrifying Horrors". The first song 'Cvlt' starts off with a 1,5 minute intro, followed by a thirty second guitar solo and the atmosphere this builds persists through the entire album. One thing I really like about this album is that atmosphere – it has a sort of spooky quality to its almost thrashing sound, and I think that’s the biggest improvement over their last album.

In particular, 'Feast', has a splendid mixture of harsh vocals, brutal guitars and is absolutely the culmination of that spooky feeling. Follow that up with 'Shadows' and 'Nightstalker' you’ve got a solid ten minutes to drift off to a foggy graveyard with JT Ripper as your personal, heavy metal, tour guide. And that’s not to mention that riff in the middle of 'Carnal Lust', combining it with the fade in of rain and the fade out of the album and you’ve got a memorable masterpiece.

Overall, I give this album a 5/5. I can’t really pinpoint a genre on this one, but I love whatever sound you call it. This album is some real, innovative music. Music like this is why Germany has a reputation for metal. This is definitely an instant classic for me, and will forever hold a spot on my Halloween lineup, right next to "Nocturnal Poisoning" by Xasthur, and that’s a hell of compliment from me, because that’s one of my all-time favorite albums.


1. Cvlt
2. Chaos
3. Childs Play
4. Feast
5. Shadows
6. Nightstalker
7. Them
8. Maze
9. Second Skin
10. Carnal Lust