Judecca - Awakened By An Eternal Death And Beyond

Judecca were a Florida based death metal band that had a 5 year run from 1992 to 1996. This release consists of their entire recording output during that time, so you get their sole full length album "Beyond, What The Eyes Can't See" and various EP's and demo's. The title of the compilation is a play on all the title's included on the disc.

What you have here is death metal in it's most primitive form. At it's best sounding it's still pretty raw. They played death metal in it's early form sounding somewhere between Death in their "Scream Bloody Gore" or even Mantas era and Six Feet Under. There's a big emphasis on groove and doom in places infact 'The Black Blood Of Christ' is doom throughout and I think is actually the band's finest song. (you get two version' of it on this comp). The lyrics are gore based also, with song titles like 'The Stench Of An Undouched Cunt' you get the drift!

It's littered with great moments a great section here and a great riff there and there is that dark atmosphere throughout but as a whole, although the band ticked all the boxes and did what was expected of them they did little else. Far from bad don't get me wrong where the cream of death metal had moved beyond gore and it's raw beginning's Judecca probably scratched an itch for alot of people but for me they just didn't quite reach "Great" territory. In terms of value for money this gets full marks but content is slightly above average... sorry!

1. The Realm
2. Unspeakable Acts
3. Bodies Found
4. Evil Born
5. Left To Die
6. Necrosis
7. Forensic Pathology
8. The Black Blood Of Christ
9. Evil Born
10. The Undead
11. The Stench Of An Undouched Cunt
12. Beyond, What The Eyes Can't See
13. As We Fuck
14. May You Find Peace
15. Trauma Induced Coma Consume The Soul
16. Forensic Pathology
17. Consume The Soul
18.  The Black Blood Of Christ
19. Lifeless
20. Cannibalistic Urge
21. Religious Decay
22. Eternal Rest

Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2014

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