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On opening this CD and reading the inner sleeve I was very much humbled to read what Nick Quarm from Juggernaut Services had written and to quote “I sincerely hope you enjoy these discs – it’s the hard work of a near lifetime of fanaticism towards music, and if each of you walk away and support just a fraction of the artists on here, then I can ask for no greater reward”

Moving Mountains: CD1
Garten der Asche – Nemesis - South Africa/United Kingdom
Nice superb jagged little beats that are exquisitely produced and moulded to perfection on this highly addictive track, with striking vocal content. My only bug bare being a small one is how to keep still when reviewing such dramatic music? – As it begs to be moved to providing you are not a lump of stone!

RetconStruct – The Maelstrom - USA
An ominous build-up of bubbling beats and haunting synth melodies that are full of intrigue and passion. The vocals are reminiscent of an attack by the Daleks accompanied by Siouxie and the Banshees – very clever mix with deep pummeling synth sounds that will definitely appeal to you cyber freaks out there.

Kommand +Kontrol – Gods + Monsters - United Kingdom
Sharp exaggerated synth which in turn produces a very pleasing track indeed with a sampling of deep male voice and sensuous female voice.  The beat on this track is mesmerising and a great dance track to boot!

System: FX – Destroyer - United Kingdom
No matter what System:FX do I know it will just be superb and this track is no exception to that golden rule. It will have you up and dancing before you can say System:FX Energetic, captivating and enthralling I just can’t get enough of this band!

Controlled Collapse – Fragment of Time (Feat. Aleksandra Burksa) - Poland
The plinking of synth startling and gathering in momentum dark angular and sensuous in rhythms and distortion.  Beautiful expressive female vocal (and not to be confused with Alexandra Burke of X Factor fame :O ) with a male accompaniment really adds bite to this track although it has a dream scape flavor that will caress your ears whilst still being industrial – cleverly written and produced track. It offers great excitability to the audial and I love its infectious fusions.

Tactical Module – Dead Zone V2.0 - United Kingdom
Regimented beat with bubble and squeak synth and to top it off a nice harsh gripping vocal that sounds like Darth Vader. When this gets its claws into you – you will never be the same again! One predatory track with razor like qualities bring you literally an avalanche of rampant violation.

Tapewyrm – Marionette - United Kingdom
Resonating and powerful it will leave blisters in its wake. It has a swaggering hypnotic melody with distortion surrounding it in a fierce capacity and mercilessly erosive, unsettling and devious.

Fearpassage – Falling for you - USA
Profound resonance captivating and to the extreme with a cacophony of beautiful swirling synth melodies. The vocals reaching beyond evil and scathing and has me turning the volume further to savor every bit of this and let its splendor permeate my ears. The swooping rhythms are stupendous with a constant barrage of chills running feverishly down my spine – the room has certainly gone a lot colder since listening to this track...

Stahlnebel & Black Selket – Life Sentence - Germany
Like stabbing rain drops the synth comes into play with a good helping of samples. A stupendous beat takes over.  Callous whispering vocal gives this track ambiance and dark vibes in a snarling and corrosive manner – Insatiable track that is highly satisfying!

Eschaton Hive – Im Ur Stalker - Australia
Some eye opening incidental sounds and a thunderous beat with ravaging guitar brings this track to the forefront. A couple of mixed male and female samples come and go and then a caustic vocal takes over. Another busy array of sounds, that flourishes to bring together another good track with superb rhythmical content.

RetconStruct – Invasive Species - USA
Scathing and perplexing little melodies with sampled male voice gives this track a superb sound.  The bubbles and squelchy rhythms are to die for. Vocally amazing and shows the diversity of Retcontstruct – this packs a punch right between the eyes and hits the mark perfectly! - I really do not want this track to end and have my finger on the repeat button already!

Tapewyrm – Dust2Dust (Demo) - United Kingdom
Sinister as it is startling with rampant incidental noises intertwined with distortion and pulsating walls of forceful intrusions.

System: FX – FKD (System:FX Remix) - United Kingdom
Eat Shit and Fuck! System: FX are loud proud and in your face.  Their driving rhythms and ferocious corrosive sound, bites like a venomous snake into the flesh and will leave its mark. Primal drum beats smash your skull like a kick to the head with a doc martin boot! Every track a winner! Ahead of their game! Eat shit fuck kill and die!

Tactical Module – Erase the Defect – (Remix by Cease2Xist) - United Kingdom
Like a buzzing blue bottle it begins and then smooth rhythms and sharp synth comes to the forefront with a shouty vocal.  A bit of dub step sneakily makes its way into the mix in such a devilish and subtle way. It has a certain carnal lust about it and offers a magnitude of dimensions.

Bestias de Asalto – Come Mierde y Muerte – (Sodomy down the Cross Remix) - Mexico
Squealing, ambient, sinister it gets even better with a compound of harsh, brutal, raw and compelling and throw in captivating too! Its venomous twisted rhythms squeezed with imaginative beats literally fuel the mind. It is a psychotic sawmill of extremity. Will have you on your knees begging for more or should that be mercy??

Calming Cyclones CD 2

Biomechanimal – Commonwealth (Feat. Cryogenic Echelon and Studio – X) - United Kingdom
A very classical piece of music that jumps into view with tremendous force and excitement. Imaginative, varied and different to anything I have heard previously. Further on, dub step features and is quite prominent in the track with its judders and swaggers that encapsulates a welcome and dangerous blend of insanity in classical format!

Retrogramme – Sanctuary - USA
Juicy little synth with an addictive beat that smacks hard and has a wonderful melodic swathe of evocative sound. It is so magnetic it draws you into its wonders of modern music that simply flows like liquid gold.

Pittersplatter – Mummies and Music Boxes - USA
Interesting title this with the sound of sampled ghostly disembodied voices and a little music box playing amid a balanced drum beat. It has a great rhythm with superb jerky little synth slices and a chant like vocal with a highly contagious chorus. - I dare you not to move to this little track!

Revenant Cult – Spectral Heresy (Club Mix) - Australia
Superb music that flows rhythmically but on hearing the same vocal ensemble again from Revenant Cult I have just lost the will to live!

Draconian Elimination Projects Feat. MiXE1 – Violet - United Kingdom
Wow this is fast, stark, and enthralling with stabs of synth and a dark ambient deep sparse beat – compelling! Ohhhhh just superb build-up with lashings of ferociousness. A clean monotone vocal that blends effortlessly with the musical array and utterly contagious showing heaps of diversity from every angle. Absolutely thrilling track! You would tie yourself in knots trying to dance to this!!! Where’s the repeat?

United and Identified – Mirror of Denial - United Kingdom
Quite harsh rhythms and a female sampled voice begin and say’s “You know, I was 12 years old when your step father first started having sex with me!” Clean male vocal kicks in after that and obviously the track is about denial of the fact. The track itself is very catchy and undeniably absorbing, but I feel should have a more powerful vocal attached to it.

Future Frenetic – P45 - United Kingdom/South Africa
Stupendous start with stark synth that guides you on a bed of sumptuous rhythms with a monotone vocal blending superbly with the vicious little beats. Great dance track, rhythmically haunting and magnificently refreshing. This is one P45 I don’t mind getting :D

Draconian Elimination Projects – Daisy - United Kingdom
Great aspect on sound as it delves its way into a burrow of tiny synth flakes and aligns with subsequent infectious rhythms that pulsate.  Samples of male voice begin and coax more pulsing beats to the fore.

Plastic Noose – Road to Perdition - United Kingdom
Nice constant rhythms and a really dark pulsating beat start along with a superb evil spoken whispered vocal. However it packs a punch for being dynamic with its naughty and very thought provoking little lyrics. Love this track, it oozes sex from every pore!

Kaitherzig – Messiah - Belarus
Nice crisp drumming and awesome deep resonating vocal surges dominantly bristling with ambiance and lights up the senses in a startling way. It explores new dimensions and spheres, that are superbly produced and scratches the surface with a predatory feel and cuts to the bone mercilessly.

Pittersplatter – Frozen - USA
Regimented pummeled beats open this track with deep melodic synth. A sampled voice becomes apparent and an inspiring melody ensues. Vocals are not gnarly but clean in approach but have that hypnotic sway. The bass line on this track just gets the body moving and is another winner that will have us cyber buffs on the dance floor once again!

United and Identified – X Truth-E - United Kingdom
Female chanting amid jerky little rhythms and heavy beats sound very futuristic – a trait of this genre and as the track progresses a clean male vocal starts up. A very haunting little track although this is more synth pop whereas I prefer a more harsh or bizarre vocal these days but the shrill synth sound is very addictive.

Controlled Collapse – Cube (Retrogramme Remix) - Poland
Loving this from the first jagged synth rhythm it pulsates with a rhythmic jaunt. More monotone vocal that suits this track with sheer perfection. Haunting melody swathes the track but does not overshadow its direction. Cacophanous intense, brooding and breathes resonating life into a very creative piece of stunning music.

Revenant Cult – Spectral Heresy (Blast Radius Scarlet Light Remix) - Australia
Here we go again………………………………… Revenant Cult seem to be stuck in a loop – sadly.

Rein(Forced) – Dichotomy (Sensuous Enemy Remix) - USA
Dark and brooding from the word go and a stunted vocal effect which is really innovative. It explodes into a mighty beat that will either get you on your feet or knock you off your feet! Inventive and diverse with a trigger that is wonderfully intense.  The rhythm will just suck you in and demand attention.  Vocally savage and totally beat worthy. This will invoke dark emotions with clever intent – brilliant track!

These CD’s are jam packed with haunting melodies, captivating beats, scathing and monotone vocals, powerfully executed and produced into a devilish little package of delight. It has been my pleasure to review such an amazingly refreshing album and hope there will be more to come in the not too distant future.

Nick Quarm you are indeed a genius and I sincerely hope that Juggernaut Services will keep adding to the already bulging bands listed on these CD’s. Your tireless fanaticism has paid off and I hope it has so far been worth the glorious ride.

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Apr 24, 2013

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