Jugulator - Ad Exitium

Jugulator come from Algeria. They were born in 2014. Before that they had been active as "Curse Of Pharaoh". "Ad Exitium" is Jugulator's debut full length album. The band's style is mid paced thrash metal with Anthrax, Megadeth and Testament influences.

The opening track 'Ghost' features beautiful acoustic melodies, slow/mid tempo riffs, very nice melodic vocal lines and an overall decent songwriting. The lead guitars are Hammett "Black" album era-influenced. 'Arabic Nightmare' differentiates Jugulator's songwriting by adding in eastern scales. The basic riff has a straight Anthrax "Persistence Of Time" era reference and the track is filled in with excellent vocal harmonies. Jugulator don't exaggerate in their performance and they don't show off. Head low they manage to keep their technical skills inside the box and trust me that's more than enough. In the end, what we have here is another excellent thrash sing-along tune. Rhythmically they are in excellent level and the rhythm section is tight. Again the lead work in this song amazes the listener and after the lead the coming riff brought to my memory Metallica and 'Through The Never'. Such an excellent song!

In 'Wrong' the eastern scale riffage and mid tempo songwriting of Jugulator, with the addition of some excellent changes, keeps the interest active. 'Hell Geria' sounds like a word-play with their country's name. The song's basic riff sounds more black/thrash than any other riff on the album, yet the vocals leave no doubts that 'Hell Geria' is a pure thrash anthem performed with passion. It is really interesting for a band to have some diversity in an album without losing their basic style. The mix sounds fine, although at some points I would like the bass a little higher in the final mix. 'Hell Geria' is no exception.

In 'The Evil Is Back' Jugulator use the best elements of the 90's thrash metal and offer us another very nice and memorable song. The part in the middle of the song just before the lead guitar is brilliant and shows true craftsmanship. The 2nd lead uncovers their N.W.O.B.H.M. influences while "Ride The Lightning"/"Master Of Puppets" elements are also present. 'Ad Exitium', which is translated as "to Death", self titled track sounds a bit more modern compared to the previous songs of the album. The everpresent eastern/arabian scales perfectly fit the style and mood of the song.

The last song of the album 'Cemetary Of Memories' begins with a Slayer-like riff from "Seasons In The Abyss" era; it is at first slow and melodic and then gets faster and more dynamic. Pantera of "Cowboys From Hell" period could be also named as an influence in this one.

Overall we have a very nice job from the Algerians. Jugulator in terms of songwriting are excellent. They honor their thrash roots and influences. They perform great and passionately a killer mid tempo thrash with heavy metal influences. Their debut album "Ad Exitium" is truly enjoyable and promising. Well done, friends! Looking forward for more!


1. Ghost
2. Arabic Nightmare
3. Wrong
4. Hell Geria
5. The Evil Is Back
6. Ad Exitium
7. Cemetary Of Memories

Self released
Reviewer: Manos Michaelides
Sep 9, 2019

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