Kadavar - Kadavar

I wasn't sure what to expect from the debut album of this young-looking Italian death metal band, but what I got was a pleasant surprise! This is no 'sub-myspace, low-budget blast-fest' but a very slick, dark and heavy death metal album, with a very polished production. Fans of the older-style bands should find a lot to like on this 9-track opus; a whole heap of crushing, heavy riffs, some excellent and very accomplished soaring guitar solos, a touch of doom-laden atmospheric keyboards on one or two songs, and some great song-writing (yes - actual songs!). Musically it reminds me a lot of some of the classic Swedish bands - in particular Dismember and Grave, the songs often concentrating more on heaviness and intensity rather than blinding speed. I also detect a huge Carcass influence - not least because of the dual vocal delivery (one gruff, the other more throaty), and the sweeping guitar solos - they've been listening to 'Heartwork' a lot I think! The end of the album is finished off nicely by an atmospheric instrumental, which is something you don't tend to hear that many bands doing these days.

My one criticism would be that the album as a whole is maybe a little too mid-paced, and as a result drags a little towards the end, in my opinion. If you're a fan of out-and-out insane brutality, then this may not be the album for you, but if you like death metal dark and heavy with a lot of atmosphere you can do a lot worse than check this album out.

1. From Flesh To Sorrow
2. Return To Ashes
3. Behind The Storm
4. Global Collapse
5. Towards The Abyss
6. Morbid Sense Of Weakness
7. Lust Of Mortal Decay
8. Ghost Of Revelation
9. Mirror Of Lies
Punishment 18 Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 5, 2009

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