Kadaverficker - Exploitation Nekronation

I looooove grind!!! Oh yes people. It is simple, it is rough and it can really make you wanna break everything in a range of 100.000 kilometers... hehe! Kadaverficker could not be left out of the term brutal death grind! Those sick bastards from Germany made me wanna injure myself so bad, that I had to push the stop button before it was too late. Well, ok, you got me there. Of course I didn't push the stop button, but I caught myself in the state of mind where you actually don't think and see everything red and yes people, that's the effect a nice grind band can have on a man. And that is the effect Kadaverficker will have on you cause they are nothing less than I just said. An awesome death grind band!

But let's take the whole matter from the beginning. All of you who haven't heard again the name. I have to tell you that those guys exist from 1995! And it gets even more interesting when you find out that "Exploitation Nekronation", which is the title of their 2012 release, is their first full length! After 17 years. I mean… what were those guys doing all those years? And the answer is simple. They were breathing the air of the underground reek! Since 1995 those guys have given out, 4 demos, 9 split CDs, an EP and they also participated in a couple of compilations! Not lazy at all. Just lovers of the true underground stuff. Well even for them as it appears, the time came to release their first full length. And it is a total blast. It is the definition of underground death grind! I mean... take a large pot, and place in it: experience, wrath, zombie lust, coprofilia, movie samples, short duration songs, technical skill, underground feeling and a laaaaarge dose of sarcasm! Blend them well and cook them in an oven that only cooks death grind! I think you get pretty much an idea of what you will listen to when you purchase this digi CD! Horror inspired death grind, sometimes raging fast and others ultra slow but never over 3 minutes! Lyrical themes that cover matters of life, death and human perversions of all kind! A brutal singer that growls as easy as he shrieks, and all these as easy as he breathes!

The samples take you from listening-to living this nightmare! Carefully placed before the songs usually but sometimes even in the middle of a song ('Das Todbringende Schlabbergeziefer vs. Menschenmuss Ultra Runde 2'), create an unspoken horror atmosphere that drags you in with them! Excellent grind guitar themes that sometimes get more black-ish but, that's how grind goes right? Kadaverficker is a band that knows how to make your afternoon siesta go surprisingly well. So grab a cold one and give it a try lads. Can't led you down.


  1. Nekrologue To The Overlords Of Death
  2. Journey Of The Anal Junkies To Shitville
  3. Scumshot
  4. Bitchfinder General
  5. Nekrovore
  6. Fistah Sistah
  7. Grind Slam Tournament
  8. In Nekro We Crust
  9. Shithell
  10. Interludium Nekrotikum
  11. Das Todbringende Schlabbergeziefer vs. Menschenmuss Ultra Runde 2
  12. Erotischer Solipsismus Im Nachtmodus
  13. Tief & Primitiv
  14. Anarchrists Of The Luftwaffe
  15. Todesfunker, Nekrobunker, Zombiepunker
  16. Pimp My Leichenwagen
  17. Stockbrotparty In Der Samenbank
  18. Gore Yoghurt & Viecher Muesli
  19. Spritze Im Arm -Ein Eigentlich Trauriges Kammerspeil-
  20. Necrotic Epilogue
  21. Raped By Alienz, Dumped In The Void
  22. Exterminate The Grotesque
  23. Fuck-Oh-Shima
  24. Nekrokore Superstar
  25. Artificial Anus From Deep Space 10
  26. Apocryphal Slasher Of Haemophagists
  27. Unholy Nekr-O-Nauts
  28. Hose Runter, Kein Pardon 2012