Kadaverficker - Kaos Nekros Kosmos

Since 1993, Germany's vulgar-titled death metal assault known as Kadaverficker, have actually only released four albums. "Kaos Nekros Kosmos" being their most recent. Whilst I am not too familiar with the band's previous work, this record is full of creativity in the genre of death metal that often feels a little overdone.

The band are wacky and fun, especially with their unique blend of goregrind vocals with the comedy approach shown early on in 'Bier Sind Dein'. You wouldn't think that the first three tracks of the album head into a more serious direction, almost like black metal meets grind. 'Zombiepunks' continues the jollification in catchy and memorable fashion, yet it is short lived. But at least the amusement of craziness blasts ahead as the album drifts on.

'Black Smell Of Death' expands the band's library with their grinding blackened sound but also the chorus enchants us with gang vocals. This is closely followed by the band's back-to-comedy specifics of ridiculous fart samples in 'Only Furzen Is Real'. 'I Wanna Be An Attack Helicopter' might just serve as the band's most mesmerising song yet as it boasts of imagination and chaotic punk-grind riffage. Not to mention the bonkers bonus track of 'Because I Got High', which doesn't need an introduction at all, it just needs to be heard.

"Kaos Nekros Kosmos" is an easy-listening experience to those who are familiar with their brutal metal, and despite the band releasing many splits and demo records over the years since their birth, I feel this recent release could serve as the perfect place to begin your journey in listening to Kadaverficker. Whether you're looking for pantomime-comedic references or want something totally metal and serious, why not submerge yourself in Kadaverficker's realm for the best-of-both, especially because it's done so impressively.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Moonstoned (Nekrologue)
2. Warfare In Sects
3. I Put A Smell On You
4. Bier Sind Dein Gott
5. Zombiepunks
6. Adrenochrome Orgy
7. Black Smell Of Death
8. Only Furzen Is Real
9. Once We Were Wolves
10. Nekrology And Lust
11. Because I Got High (cover Afroman)
12. Menschenschrott (Interlude)
13. Deus Ex Sathanas
14. Call Of Duty Free
15. Kvlt Of Yor
16. I Wanna Be An Attack Helicopter
17. Bambi Bar
18. Nekromunity
19. Incident On Nekros IV
20. Kaos Nekros Kosmos (A Nekrokore Symphony In Three Acts)