Kadaverficker - Necrokore Is Love

It doesn't happen everyday for me to review an album with 69 tracks in total but here it is: the cleverly entitled "Nekrokore Is Love" full-length album by Germany's Kadaverficker. This quartet is not a newcomer - the guys have their first demo released back in the distant 1995. Get yourself prepared for some loony tunes and plenty of black humour. Just look at titles like "Nekrobama:Death We Can" and "Ebola Bitch" and prepare to be grinded.

Kadaverficker's music is in the vein of merry bands like Rompeprop, GUT, Birdflesh... What you'll hear is a bunch of punkish riffs, blasting drumming and gurgling vocals/pig squeals. Pleasant surprise is the "Pessimistic Lines" track which is a cover of the Californian punk legends Bad Religion. Another fun moment is "Tote Korper Lamentieren Nicht" which is basically a Gary Moore song. Not all 69 tracks in "Nekrokore Is Love" are filled with music. Track 22 to track 68 all you hear is the sound of a record spinning which isn't very entertaining to say the least. If you manage to withstand until the end, your reward will be a bonus track called "Nekrofickerland" which is powerful and energetic punk track with growling voice on top of it.

As a whole "Nekrokore Is Love" is one enjoyable album. If you don't have sense of humour or take music too seriously then this one is not for you. But if you like your grindcore with a bit of fun in it - look out for Kadaverficker.

  1. Intriduction To Corpse Seduction
  2. Nekrobama:Death We Can
  3. Ebola Bitch
  4. Nekrokore Is Love
  5. Happy Hymen Virgin Blaster
  6. We Are NRW...Fuck You
  7. Belopptah
  8. Nekro Transition (Interlude I)
  9. Grind Is Dead
  10. Severe Congenital Malformation
  11. Nekropower In The Acid Shower
  12. Je Suis Nekro
  13. Elegiac Space Tunnel
  14. Creep Credo
  15. Interception To Exclude (Interlude II)
  16. Pessimistic Lines (cover Bad Religion)
  17. Bis Hierhin Und Ducht Weiter
  18. Weggeporkt & Abgeslascht
  19. Totgewebe
  20. Tote Korper Lamentieren Nicht
  21. The Nekrophiliac Conclusion
  22. Nekrofickerland (hidden track)