Kaliyuga - Once Upon A Time

Starting out in 2012 and from France, Kaliyuga scream along to the themes of suicide and life in a grind core fashion, and slightly more unusual have a female lead vocalist called Emilie at their helm.

Intro – at one minute thirty five seconds this is just the right amount of time to see what is on offer. No sign of any female vocals at this point but the music is all-encompassing.

You Hate Again – If demonic possession were to be sung to music then this would be the track to do it! The screaming is absolutely phenomenal!! The riffs engaging and flavoured with utter savagery, the only problem for me is – it doesn’t last long enough!

Angry – Takes no steps back and forty forward, the choking vocals are backed up by Nidhal giving depths to an already deep track and forges ahead with intimidating attitude and full on brutality.

Step Back – Taking control is this brief track that has more clout than a supersonic plane crashing through the sound barrier!

Time To Change – Feverishly hits the ground running while doing cartwheels! Very addictive and leaves the appetite fully quenched.

From Denied To Forsaken – The husky demonic growls are highly charged and set the scene for yet more monstrous hostility that is nurtured from ravenous blast beats and torturous guitar riffs.

Judgement – the mere fact that the vocals are incoherent matters very little as you can put your own stance to the proceedings and come up with something far more grisly. It all adds to the fun of grind core! But probably wouldn’t do as a bedtime lullaby!

Suicide – The shock waves can be felt some distance as Emilie stretches her vocal chords to near on bursting! The high octane blast beats smash while the riffs are antagonistic and make their position very clear.

Battle – Another short track as is with all grind core bands, but not a bad thing as you get more ‘bang for your buck’ with these bands and certainly more extreme and cantankerous hostility to indulge the senses in.

Domus Dei – Powerful and unyielding this track blazes and rains down its ashes on the aural. Undertaking this encounter may result in the person needing hospitalisation!

Etats d’Aeme – The temperature has not calmed any since the previous track as Kaliyuga take on the world and pulverise it into a thousand pieces. The scorching vocal accompaniment serves to manipulate the ears into submission.

No Way – Literally drawing blood you hardly have time to breathe let alone head bang along to this one! The dizziness sets in pretty quickly as the riffs rain down supreme in an all-out battle of full on possession! Just watch out for the pea green soup!

Devious As A Snake – Another restless track that shows deep cavernous rhythms and blast beats forged in iron, perfectly contrasted with a hot seething vocal angriness.

Drop Dead – is probably not the longest track on the album at two minutes fifty one seconds but long enough to allow the listener to fully engage in its bold and mesmerising contents. The venomous growls are heartfelt while the rhythm pelts out its chaotic devilry.

Once Upon A Time – The bands title track, is definitely the longest track and angrily grows with its formidable prowess and bludgeoning encounters of forceful endeavour. It’s fast, uncompromising and festers like an unclean wound.

The Final Sleep (cover Nasum) – with hardly a difference between the two tracks although an excellent track to finish on with Emilie screaming her lungs out to yet more thumping aggression.

For metal heads who love the downright gnarly extreme and brutal metal, Kaliyuga are one band to get your lobes around. Its forthright satisfaction comes with the territory, to feel, hear and sample the rawness that exudes from the band is a pure heart stopping and jaw-dropping moment!

From the off the band have proved they have what it takes with plenty more to come! Track after track of sheer brutality comes at a price, as once you listen you will not be able to escape the gnawing in your head as the sheer force takes over along with a demonic presence that will be extremely hard to shift.

So have the number for the Paranormal Investigators handy and keep hold of your rosary! This one bites!

  1. Intro
  2. You Hate Again
  3. Angry
  4. Step Back
  5. Time To Change
  6. From Denied To Forsaken
  7. Judgement
  8. Suicide
  9. Battle
  10. Domus Dei
  11. Etats d’Aeme
  12. No Way
  13. Devious As A Snake
  14. Drop Dead
  15. Once Upon A Time
  16. The Final Sleep (cover Nasum)