Kamala – Kamala Akka

Almost five years after their last demo, female fronted heavy/ thrash metal band Kamala crush forth with their debut full length. ‘Kamala Akka’ is far from awful though, as their name suggests. All sung in Finnish, listeners really have to focus on the music to enjoy the quality of what this band has to offer. Never mind that three beautiful women are fronting the music; focus on the fact that they are taking their own path in hard rock/ heavy metal with some excellent riffs- no matter how recognizable- and are avoiding the stereotypical path of other female fronted heavy metal groups out there like Crystal Viper or Sister Sin. True, when hearing the opening track, the lead singer can sound like a guy sometimes with her raw voice, but she has her own unique tone that sets her apart from the rest. Fans of groups like Halestorm can probably relate to her style, along with her companions, though the music is much less melodic and just chords of power after power such as on “Pakko.” The result is some insanely catchy music that sounds like it could easily fit a mainstream modern rock station.

One of the album’s biggest highlights is “Taistelu” which is a simple song but it just has so much power behind the riffs. The drums also have a unique rhythm that help drive the music as well and it will probably be the most captivating. The group even throws in some ‘gang vocals’ in the background that does make the sound feel a bit ‘nu-metal’ but it doesn’t completely come off that way and will definitely bring nostalgia for fans who feel the early 2000s were a great time of music. Kamala isn’t one for variety or experimentation through- almost every track starts out with three chugging riffs and builds on that. The band knows what works for them, but listeners can easily get tired of the music if it is not their thing altogether- hard rock fans will probably enjoy this the most as it is not too fast and doesn’t feature too much in the way of shredding solos, but churns at a mid pace the entire way through. Even the ‘slow tracks’ like “Tyhjyytta” which has more of a grungy heavy metal sludge to it don’t offer much difference or melody- it refuses to lean towards the more popular ballad territory that so many female fronted bands can tend to lean towards. Despite this lack of variety, Kamala’s debut is direct, energetic, and will certainly appeal to any hard rock or heavy metal listener who enjoy raw, basic music and don’t mind the language barrier.

Reviewer: devilmetal747

Jun 5, 2013

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Kamala – Kamala Akka

  1. Kamala Akka
  2. Pakko
  3. Markattu
  4. Ylhäinen yksinäisyys
  5. Riittämättö
  6. Taistelu
  7. Tyhjyyttä
  8. Päästä irti
  9. Akana
  10. Ei puudutusta
  11. Anteeksiantamatonta


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