Kaosophia - The Origins Of Extinction

After listening to this album Ukrainian band playing black metal, I realized that the musicians have a good level. The music quality is great and I am not believing that this happens now. The style of Kaosophia is real black metal. The musicians don't hesitate to use unusual decisions and moves.

Nevertheless, although it is black metal, undoubted and 100%, atmosphere of album "The Origins Of Extinction" has a little different from the so-called "minimalist". Of course, in principle, it is difficult to say whether there is any musicians who keep it, and where this verge is.

This album is characterized by the presence therein of contrasts. On the background of the typical metal themes such as 'March Of The Antichrist's Soldiers' and 'Decomposed Essence', there is some pomp and even romance - meet, 'Rainbow Over The Vein'. After singing Requiem in praise of '… Deceased Faith', guys dancing with 'Dead Stars'.

I will not speak for everyone, maybe someone does not like the presence of romanticism in classic metal, including in the black metal. I can say one thing: if the music is written by talented people, it is obtained great.

Musicians from Kaosophia are talented guys, this album is well. I wish them success, new music and new innovative solutions.

  1. March Of The Antichrist's Soldiers
  2. Cotard Delusion
  3. Rituale Romanum
  4. Decomposed Essense
  5. Dance With The Dead Stars
  6. Rainbow Over The Vein
  7. Delirium Manihaeismum
  8. Requiem For Deceased Faith
  9. Harba Di Asm'dai