Karelia - Raise

New release from Karelia (France). This is some kind of classical, gothic and symphonic metal. Songs are well build up to tension and explode into emotion. With drums and keyboards mixed in very present and the guitars a little at the back they create a very melancholical feel emphasised by the male lead vocals; also some female vocals and choirs. Still enough variation in tempos varying from song to song and some interesting progressive and suprising ideas. Food for open-minded fans of melancholic and bombastic metal.

1. Raise
2. Child has gone
3. Breakdown
4. The hermit
5. Disharmonic dogmas
6. Cross & crescent
7. Tearful clown
8. Unbreakable cordon
9. Coming turn
10. High hopes
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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