Karnae - Evil Is A Necessity

The brief debut of Karnae is a bit short to sample, but gives a solid display of what the band is about. Merging Melodic Death Metal with Metalcore, tracks like "Soulless" are harsh, chugging tracks with excellent rhythms mixed in and harsh barking vocals that would make fans of groups like Killswitch Engage or Shadows Fall pretty happy. While not as commercial, the riffs are certainly comparable in some ways. There are even some clean vocals thrown in, but sadly, they are so toned down and quiet it makes them impossible to hear, plus the monotone sounds exactly the same on "Lucifer In The Sky..." so it makes for a lack of variety. On "Quiet Place" the clean vocals have a much louder presence and when actually hearing them clearly they actually sound quite effective and add a much more gothic and haunting atmosphere to the music, bringing Karnae out of their rather generic state. On "Blood" the band finally merges the harsh and clean vocals together to great effect, but the clean vocals feel cut short, using them to less effect than on the previous album. The morose tones can clash with the harsher, more upbeat vocals, but they still are an excellent combination to hear- especially when layered- so it makes Karnae even more interesting to listen to.

  1. Lucifer In The Sky With Diamond
  2. Soulless
  3. Quiet Place
  4. Blood

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
May 8, 2012

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