Karnak - Melodies Of Sperm Composed

The intro really got on my nerves when I pushed the play button. But then follows 8 songs of very good techno death with influences from grind, jazz, black etc. Nothing is strange to use. Just like the early Sadist the songs go from one corner to the other. Heavy parts, slower parts, guitar leads, keyboard atmospheric parts etc. Too much to mention. I really like this release and recommend it to listen to and then get it. You also get on this copy (release of The Twelfth Planet Records) a bonus track and multimedia part.

1. Spermatozombies
2. Melodies Of Sperm Composed
3. A Face Disfigured By Thorns
4. Gorham
5. Eyes Of Larva
6. My Enchanting Normality
7. Angel Hooked
8. Pollen Of My Penis
9. Other Two Days
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2002
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