Karnak Seti - Collateral Dreams

This is a great band from Portugal. They just know how to get you to listen to their music. It’s a great 4 song demo + a live video. The songs are good to listen to and easy to follow. The cd was a great opportunity for me to layback do nothing but listen. When you hear it you can feel the influence of thrash and death metal come your way.

The video gives you a great feel of how the band will perform live. I almost wanted to be in the video. ( Well done guys) The cd is just their first….but I bet I will not be their last. I personally think the sound is great and clear. (not too much effects and stuff) Just check these guy’s out and download some tracks from their site.

You will enjoy them. You haven’t heard the last of them I can promise you that.
So I hope that they will come soon with a full album and blow the whole metal world away.
What I like to say tho these guy’s is… KEEP IT BRUTAL.

1. Magnetic forces
2. Synthetic blood transfusion
3. Collateral dreams
4. Inhuman (live)
5. Flesh (live video)
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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