Karnak Seti - Scars Of Your Decay

From a lonely part of Portugal Karnak Seti (Antonio Jesus - guitar, Renato Ramos - guitar, Claudio Aguiar - Bass and Luis Barreto - drums), bring to us their newest birthed creation titled "Scars Of Your Decay".

This album is filled with killer riffs and catchy melodies, hard, heavy and exciting! Every track stands out on it's own, 7 totally new creations with "In Human" making it a full 8 track and being the only re-recording on this album. "Scars Of Your Decay" is tight with amazing musicianship, showing dedication and talent within these tracks. Highly recommend this one (:


1. Fragments
2. Vicious
3. Silence Retained
4. God’s New Scheme
5. In Human
6. Scars Of My Decay
7. Departure
8. Seizures

Self Released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 15, 2009

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