Katafalk - Storm Of The Horde

People in the Dutch scene know this band a long time because they are around from 1995. With line up changes, several demos they now release their debut. Wow, what a mean machine. 13 Tracks in a mixture of death, thrash and black metal. Raging drums, crazy guitarleads and aggressive vocals. Hardly a chance to get some air because the 13 songs are almost continuously in the 5th gear. Nice album if you had a rough day and wanna see the light again.

1. Succubus
2. Aesthetic vampires
3. Birthmark 666
4. Cannonfodder
5. Redeemer
6. Storm of the horde
7. Hatred
8. Empty life
9. Operation mindloss
10. Rise now
11. One last flight
12. Blind envy
13. Baptized in fire
Cold Blood Industries
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 29, 2002

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