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Katakombi are what I would classify as doom influenced by death-tech. Very creative style hailing out from Helsinki/Finland with their first piece of work spawned back in 2012 which was a cassette titled "Hämärän Vartija".

Their self titled 3 track 12” mini-LP can be described as raw, brutal and trance induced violence. Katakombi LP holds a strong melancholic atmosphere bringing in lots of gloom to it's groove. These tracks are the key to a journey into the unknown and I can say that this mini LP is a definite mind blast, one does not need to be intoxicated to feel it's high.

The music of Katakombi both the band and this self titled mini LP is the result of creative intelligence coming together. Great musicianship and experimentation here. I really love the creep factor within the vocals and the synthesizers are well worked not over powered or misused in anyway. The drum beats reflect Death's heartbeat and the string work is a torturous masquerade ball.

If you love doom, gloom and nightmares than this is something to get hold of.

  1. Vaara Kuu 
  2. Liejuhaudan Vanki 
  3. Sokea Jumala


Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 25, 2014
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