Kataplasm - Maxxximized Centrifuse Blower

This is truly one of the moments in life where I am left speechless... there's actually nothing here to review! I mean, the first impact which this stuff left me is the impression that the disc was wasted. Or that there was some error in my files! When I made sure that everything was as it should, came the biiiig question mark above my forehead. What the fuck is this? I mean, it was the first time in my life I did not know how to approach a band. Band?? Is this really a band?? I am not even sure if the guys behind Kataplasm want to be treated as if they were a band! What you will listen to, when you push the play button on their new release for 2012 with title "Maxxximized Centrifuse Blower" is (I'll do my best to describe that), sound samples not longer than 6 seconds combined together in one song! Can you imagine something like that?? No?? Neither could I before I listened to those weirdoes.

The record label that releases this strange grind stuff gives it this way, 'Numerous grindcore and blasting micro samples were cut from various underground grindcore and extreme metal releases, then molested, mixed, manipulated, hacked, tormented and maced with acid bile to be regurgitated under the form of noisecore/ grind with an industrial edge'. I still can't understand the reason though, the motivation a band would would have to release something like that. I mean, it serves no purpose or emotion... 88 grind songs cut, molested and shrunk to fit a 10 minute song. You can't even think of concurring with their music, 3 seconds and then another song starts, another 6 seconds and then another one starts and this goes on for 10 minutes. I personally got tired in 3 minutes. But I didn't quit. I listened to this entire thing. So, besides the fact that this is the worst shit I have ever listened to, and I have listened to many shitty bands. But at least they were bands. This stuff is not even original and this is not hard sound or whatever. You know like it is so often said for gorenoise or goregrind releases: 'not for the feather hearted'. Well this shit has got nothing to with that term the way I see it. It is not harsh. It is just totally uninspired and stupid, you can not get any emotions by that. Only a serious headache and maybe that was the band's original intention, but even if it was like that, why the fuck would they want that shit to get reviewed? Like they don't know what it is? I got to give them one point though, they got me wired. I am gonna be watching for other reviews on this shit trying to find a positive one (seriously doubt there's ever gonna be one) and when I find it I'll just ask the guy who did it... Man... seriously?? What the fuck are you thinking? And that of course goes to the band too. Guys, why the fuck would you want to have this bullshit reviewed? I mean, it is crap and you know it, so… I don't know man, this really is something beyond stars the bad way. No music to review here. It is just serious crap to lock a person (who thinks this is music), in a mental institution for life.

  1. Maxxximized Centrifuse Blower

Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 20, 2012

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