Kataplexia – Supreme Authority

Brutal death metal, a genre that get’s more crowded every day. Only few bands stand out to me in this genre and the others mainly just sound to much alike. Kataplexia is one of those bands that falls under the second category. Kataplexia, from Finland, brings us brutal, yet technical death metal. The tempo is mainly fast paced, the riffs are pretty good and the vocals are deep as hell (with the occasional “breee” thrown in). So… yes, it is brutal as hell, the songwriting is far from bad, but this whole disc sounds like any other brutal death metal album, if these guys can manage to create a face of themselves they would actually be a very interesting band. Right now, it’s just another one of those brutal death metal albums. If you’re into brutal death metal a lot, check this out and I bet you’ll like it, if you’re looking for something more original, look somewhere else.

1. Life Under Earth
2. Unpredictable Spiritualism
3. Sight of The Anonymous Identities
4. Endless Suffering
5. Inexplicable Extinction
6. Circle of Sickness
7. Supreme Authority
8. ...The Unknown
9. The Unknown's Conquest
Xtreem Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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