Kathaarsys - Anonymous Ballad

Kathaarsys is a Spanish band who got their monniker from the Greek word Catharsis and meaning purification, cleansing or clarification. They started in 2002 out of the painful spirit buried in defeat and out of being bound to observe the outcomes of the eternal frustration of their soul. Taking this in mind they put a lot of things togehter in their songs and this results in long duration of the songs (shortest 5:04 minutes). The things they put in their songs are inspired by different metal genres like black, death, doom, progressive and even a bit of rock. Not only musically but also vocally.

In the songs the tempo is changing frequently and Kathaarsys is not afraid to go from (accoustic) slow into very fast without a blink. Also from a rather crowdy part changing to a more sophisticated musical passage. Vocals range from clean singing to brutal grunting but it suits the musically under layer well. It is going a bit too far to describe a song or all songs because there is going on so much. The tunes are great to hear on a headphone in a dark room and let your spirit take over.

So please visit their site and listen to some tracks, watch some videos or visit one of there upcoming shows here in Europe.

1. Thoughts About Worthless Things And The Future
2. Sadness And Hopelessness
3. The Advent Of Madness
4. No Guide
5. Darkness

Silent Tree Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 2, 2010

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