Keep The Promise – A Peaceful Mission Of War

Italy based hardcore/deathcore act have recently released the pounding “A Peaceful Mission Of War” full length CD. The 11 track album delves in to a realm of Hatebreed – esque riffs, breakdowns, brutal vocals and anything else you could ask for from a hardcore album except with a much more heavy twist. The album is appealing from start to finish and production quality was pretty top notch, the guitars were what stuck out for me the most, again mentioning Hatebreed, but their guitar tone is reminiscent of those earlier Hatebreed albums where the tone was massive and the guitars sounded like the heaviest force on the planet. The band’s mesh of the hardcore/deathcore approach is taken very well, we’ve got gang shouted choruses and brutal lows accompanied by devastating breakdowns, it was a formula that was very much appreciated when listening to this disc, a great comparison of both sub genres in their own way to make one heavy album.

There are some odd parts in the album however, the intro of the cd sees a hip-hop beat which I honestly thought was awesome! The old school vibe was there and it totally shocks the listener when the next track comes bounding in too destroy our ear canals. The last track however 'Life… Dies' was a bit boring I admit, heavy synth throughout the whole song, I feel more could’ve been added to this section to just up the ante and bring an epic album conclusion. Guitars as mentioned before are huge and are my favourite part of the album, vocals are with variety and are perfect for the release, bass is mostly inaudible but has its moments and drums are awesome providing the extra brutality needed within a release of this calibre.

This was a very enjoyable release and even proved a tad bit original compared to all the other hardcore acts out these days, Keep the Promise have released a great effort and I highly recommend it too any fan of hardcore and deathcore.

  1. Intro F.T.P.
  2. The Price Of Freedom
  3. Guilty Politicians
  4. Demons Of Surrender
  5. I Will Curse
  6. Weapon Of Imposition
  7. Bloody Uniform
  8. Nothing To Lose
  9. Vile Femicide
  10. Keep The Promise
  11. Life... Dies