Kehlvin - The Mountain Daylight Time

Kehlvin are Self-described as progressive hardcore. Their record "Mountain Daylight Time" gives you plenty of space for your mind to expand into. Lots of varying dynamics in this one. Musical motifs are introduced and then developed eventually leading to a dramatic crescendo.

The songs are of varying lengths with clean and heavy sounds, very much like Isis or Cult of Luna who are both listed as influences. They have put out a couple of demos produced by Julien Fehlmann (Sonogram and Shelving) and "The Mountain Daylight Time" is their first full-length CD.

1. Albatross
2. John Lemon
3. How To Lie With Maps
4. Band Over
5. Frankenstein Bis
6. Fat Freddy
7. Moksa
8. The Mountain Daylight Time
9. Red Diesel Revolver
10. 1 Cabeza 2 Brazos
Division Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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