Kestmorg - Infective Vultures Receptacle

Kestmorg is hailing from Italy and consist of three members with the help from 3 session members. On this debut MCD you will find 3 songs of which track 2 is the shortest with 5.02 minutes. So 3 long songs in which things happen. The style is a progressive form of black metal. Tempo and melody are changed frequently. The songs are most in up tempo with prominent guitars but no leads. The main vocals are raw and also in the songs you will find female vocallines and keyboards. But the keys sometimes get annoying without adding something extra. These songs are written in 2003-2004 and hopefully they have new songs that takes them a bit higher.

1. Infective Vultures Receptacle
2. Enraptured Sorceries
3. Ice-Tech Expanse
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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