Kevlar Skin - Unforeseen Consequences

Spain's Kevlar Skin have been laying waste to audiences since 1998 and whilst not the usual run of the mill death metal, they harness alot more influences than meets the eye, or is that ear? Anyways, whilst alot of death metal bands are influenced by gore, satanism and other things of the macabre, these guys take those influences and apply them to such scientific matter such as genetic engineering and drug induced altered states of mind. Just as I mention drug induced states of mind it must be mentioned that the influences in music are a crazy blend that must have been conjured up whilst off their heads. I hear quite abit of their fellow countrymen, Wormed, in their sound and Cannibal Corpse. I also hear some hardcore-esque influences in their breakdowns which all makes it quite interesting.

Opener'Wisdom Of The Giant' is a haunting spoken word intro that leads into some groovy as hell riffing which leads into the first "real" track, 'The Devourer'. The production is very clean with the vocals and drums being at the very top of the mix. Whilst the drums are excellently played, I find the the kicks very clicky and quite annoying but tis a minor gripe. The cymbals sound great as they don't overpower the mix and add some lovely accents to the tracks. Vocal wise, I hear quite abit of 'Chris Barnes-era' Cannibal Corpse which definitely is very cool. Its really nice to hear a few bass breaks which to me shows how clear the mix is as the bass can be heard very clearly. Its all good! 'Abandoned' is one helluva a groovy tune and for me this is the point where I really started to get into the album. I really dug the kinda jazzy break with the drums and bass before leading into the huge slam mid track with some mega tasteful drumming going on behind it. I have to say I'm not too keen on the more so discordant sounding riffs in these guys though you cant have it all your way can you? 'Human Equals Worm' hears some excellent bass with some discordant guitar with some mega deep vocals almost Devourment like which then burst into a real old school salvo which is catchy as hell and lead by the drums ride cymbal. I was sure how this song was going to go but builds into a fantastic break down which is syncopated with the kick drums. It sounds real cool and is bound to get your head bouncing. As I listen, in my headphones, I'm really sucked into this record. I really like their different approach to things and if I'm honest I wasn,t sure how it was gonna go with this guys and I find it quite refreshing. 'Prayers Of Lies' sees a nod to some crust grind and its just what the doctor ordered to break up the chaos. These guys write tunes for the audience to crazy to! I can hear it! I think this would come across excellent live! This track has a real ripen' solo to break up the crustiness and it sounds great. I wasn't so keen on the intro to 'Rejected Beyond Redemption' but just when I'm about to pass judgement they come into a real cool death metal. As I listen to this I can hear quite abit of Cephalic Carnage in the mix who I would say follow the same formula as these guys. Perhaps smoking the same as em!? Who knows?! Who Cares!? 'Savior' is where things slow down a little which is cool because up until now things have been fast fast fast. It's a real cool track with some intresting pinch harmonic dynamics going on over a detuned riff with some double bass. It's heavy!

But above all else there's a groove which sucks the listener in and I think thats what these guys are real good at. I have to say I really enjoyed this album. Think Cephalic Carnage with a tad more of the old school in the sound ala old Cannibal Corpse. Final tune, 'Farewell', kicks our ass before we go and were left with a horrifying scream of a girl. Hopefully it's not a farewell and we see these guys again real soon!


1. Wisdom Of The Giant
2. The Devourer
3. Abandoned
4. Human Equals Worm
5. Prayers Of Lies
6. Rejected Beyond Redemption
7. Savior
8. Inexistence Of Reality
9. Farewell

Reviewer: Connor
May 15, 2013
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