Key Of Mythras - Demonspeed Metalstorm

The driving force behind this band is Duncan who gets help from other musicians (Vargsriket, Sanguis, Darkfall) to create his metalness. Raw black metal at high speed with tempo breaks, grim voices and possessed guitars. The songs breath metal and if you hear some references it ain't a shame. All tracks are easy listening and don't get bored. Maybe he could add some real metal guitarleads in the tracks to come?

1. Intro - Debris of faith
2. Crown of horns
3. Necrotica - a silent slumber manifest
4. By the night haunted
5. Behold the pentagram
6. Hecate’s chamber
7. Night of the metal maniacs
Pulsar Light Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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