Khaoz - Salvation Through Bloodshed

The Polish label Mad Lion Records offer to the hungry death metal legions the debut full-length album of the Dutch death brigade Khaoz. In the band's line-up shine the names of Houwitser's guitarist Michel Alderliefsten and Johan Wesdijk who has been a vocalist for classy names like Desultory and Dead Head.

"Salvation Through Bloodshed" hits with eleven tracks of oldschool death metal build upon heavy guitar riffs and fast-paced technical drumming. Khaoz mix in their music elements from the sound of legends like Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel and Obituary. The musicianship is on a high level and it's obvious that those guys know what to do with their instruments. There is no doubt that "Salvation Through Bloodshed" is a qualitative death metal record, definitely above average level. There is one thing though that didn't appeal to me at all. Besides Olav's deep roars we can hear also the voice of Johan who is the second vocalist in Khaoz. In my humble opinion Johan's voice which is high-pitched and shrill doesn't fir at all with the overall aggressiveness of the music. It's a matter of personal taste after all but his vocals really irritated me. Otherwise "Salvation Through Bloodshed" is a decent death metal effort with interesting and brutal tracks. So in case you are into oldschool death metal fury you better find this album and dive the holidays in a sea of madness and Khaoz!

1. Baptized In Sin
2. Damned Messiah
3. None...When You Die
4. Insane Sneer
5. Paranoia In Extreme
6. When Daylight Fades
7. Shattered Light Insanity
8. The Martyred
9. My Own Punishment
10. Inveterate Fantasy
11. When Serpents Crawl
Reviewer: Tsvetan
Dec 30, 2011

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