Khisanth - Forsaken Storms Of The Apocalypse

After the intro and hearing th first tunes you know that these black metal guys spit on christianity. Hellish vocals spread the diabolical message. All powered by raw black metal. The songs are played in a variety of melodies. When there is a slow atmospheric part it suddenly turns to a blastering shredder. Lucky the songs are not played at a monotone tune so you will not get bored easily.

1. Beheading The Son Of Jehovah
2. Dark Storms Of Battle
3. The Future Kingdom Lies Within The Horde
4. Sworn To Belial, I Lead
5. The Dawn Of Evil
6. Chaos Through Serenity
7. Khisanth
8. Draconis
Red Stream Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 16, 2002
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