KHNVM - Portals To Oblivion

Second full length for KHNVM, pronounced as Kha-noom, death metal band with members from Germany and Bangladesh. After the first album released before this terrible pandemic and with an intense work of songwriting, KHNVM release their second album entitled "Portals To Oblivion" via Neckbreaker Records.

After an intro that recalls oriental melodies, sounds and scents of distant and uncontaminated lands, here is that the disc explodes in all its wickedness with the track that also gives the title to this album. Well organized and structured old-fashioned death metal. Throughout the album there is the perception of being almost accompanied towards an inner journey to discover the most hidden parts of our mind. The songs sound very dynamic and there is a strong and refined work of songwriting, where between moments of limpid lucidity we pass to the most refined and direct violence.

Really spectacular and thrilling the intro of 'Heretic Ascension' which then flows into a song directed and "in your face". As many references to European death as to the American one but with a personal touch that in this case really makes the difference.

Very good all the rhythmic part and the search for a personal sound which, while taking inspiration from things already known, tries to take it to new levels that everyone can appreciate. With 'Drink From The Chalice Od Suffering' there is no shortage of slower and more rhythmic parts, just to break the fast pace and give a moment of respite before setting off with your foot on the accelerator. 'No Solace' is a clear reference to the death old school par excellence. Tight rhythms, 4/4 and powerful voice accompanying sharp riffs and ferrymen through the darkness.

KHNVM certainly didn't invent hot water but this "Portals To Oblivion" is in all respects a great album. I highly recommend it to lovers of good old death metal.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Heretic Ascension
2. Ethos Of The Otherly World
3. Portals To Oblivion
4. Drink From The Chalice Of Suffering
5. Baptized By The Father Befouled
6. No Solace
7. Spectral Chaos