Kickhunter - All In

Kickhunter are a collective featuring Markus Groβkopf of Helloween, so all you power metal fans, sit back and take note, this is not the same style as Helloween. Starting out promising, sounding like The Small Faces or the soundtrack to “Still Crazy” (the movie), the late 60’s blues rock comes flooding through on this their third album. ‘Mine All Mine’ has all of these hallmarks and required boogie parts. By track 5, ‘All In’ the album takes a drastic turn for the worse, it is not even remotely what I would call classic rock! JC’s vocals are cool; Melanie Black’s female vocals are just out of place, more like a pop song. Speaking of pop songs, ‘Call Me’ (a Blondie cover) is done well, but very much like the original, nothing different and even lighter than the said original recording. Touches of the Hammond organ are pleasing, but not in the way Uriah Heep or Deep Purple mastered. This is a lazy summer’s day in the park, sipping a few beers and making small talk, but very much a background music soundtrack, it does not grab you by the balls and make you want to listen intently.

Stand out tracks are ‘Mine All Mine’, ‘Revolution’ and ‘Another Tear’. To this end, I feel this release could have been a quick EP! But this is down to personal taste. The music itself is well written and performed, it is just not a metal thing at all and it does not claim to be, but I still do not hear enough classic rock swagger for my liking to even remotely enjoy the full album, only the early stages.

1. Mine All Mine
2. Revolution
3. Another Tear
4. Feels Like Home
5. All In
6. Shy Shy Shy
7. Checks in the Mail (cover Victory)
8. Boogie Town
9. Deep In My Heart
10. Call Me (cover Blondie)
11. Ocean

AFM Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 30, 2010

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