Killer Hurts - Killer Hurts

I've been putting off reviews for a while because I started a new job and spend all of my time either stacking shelves or sleeping, so I finally find the time to sit down and go over some of the releases I've been sent and... more thrash. I've probably listened to more thrash this year alone than I did in my teenage years, though while it may get extremely tiring after a while, it's nice to get sent an album that simply falls into the catagory of 'pretty bloody good'.

There's absolutely nothing I have to say about these Norwichian (?) bastards and their self-titled album that I haven't said about many similar bands: it's very modern, cleanly produced thrash metal reminiscent of this year's releases by fellow UK thrashers Shrapnel and Incinery, but a bit catchier and more to-the-point than most of its ilk. Though extremely basic (it IS a thrash album, after all) in its overall structue and flow, this doesn't come across as tryhard or forced - it's all rather natural and has some genuinely catchy riffing going on, not to mention a real rarity in thrash nowadays: guitar solos that are (occasionally) memorable! Been quite a while since I came across one of those! There are some decent enough sing-a-long choruses rocking out here too, with plenty of typical gang chants that may feel a bit old hat, but are pulled off well enough that it doesn't feel like a gimmick. Songs such as Into the Breach and Megaladon (*Megalodon* - very poor, see me after class) are amongst the finest thrashers that the newer UK acts have produced in a while, so it's a thumbs up all around, surely?

Come on. Chances are that if you've read my reviews before, you know that it's never that easy.

So aside from some of the song titles are a tad cringeworthy and generic, I've found that the album's length is a bit of a problem. Business as usual in camp Dingram. Although the songs themselves average at about three minutes, there are thirteen tracks in all - which is too many. Yes, every song is appealing, but its no good when the album begins to drag on slightly due to the overabundance of tracks on the CD. Ten or eleven songs, including the intro track, would have been sufficient enough for what Killer Hurts have to offer here, but in spite of the bloated tracklisting, they've not done a bad job. It's nice to have a clean and modern sounding thrash album with old fashioned hooks, and despite sounding a tad too 'americanised' to really bust my nut, I can safely say that this is a worthy purchase. Someone point Incinery in Killer Hurts' direction and say "That's how you fucking do it" because this is quite the splendid little package.

1. Rise Abomination
2. Into The Breach
3. Blunt Force Trauma
4. The Dead Are Coming
5. Violence Is Golden
6. You Have Been Warned
7. It Has All Gone Dark
8. Beware Of The Fog
9. Megaladon
10. Unleash The Chemicals
11. Ready Aim Fire
12. Bloodlust
13. Toxic Bloodbath

Self released
Reviewer: Dave Ingram Jr.
Nov 15, 2014

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