Killing Addiction - Fall Of The Archetypes

These guys have been going for over 16 years and this is only their 2nd release!? madness! Anyways these guys are from florida and wear their sound on their sleeves! All those bands from the early 90s ie Morbid Angel, Norcturnus, Cynic, Death and i suppose the new york counterparts Suffocation, Incantation (i know, they are from New Jersey). Its all here, folks. all mishmashed into one big brutal bonanza on 1 cd. Its also well worth pointing out that this cd is also released on the legendary, Dave Rotten`s (of Avulsed - fame) label, Xtreem Music.  Upon first listen i thought the production was abit dodgy but it just took a little while to settle with my ears and get an overall vibe for the cd. There is a fantastic blend of technicality and simple chugga chugga breakdowns which is surefire to satisfy all death metal fiends. Even drawing some slight black metal influences but these are only slight. One would be forgiven if you thought this was recorded way back in the early 90s(the last 4 tracks actually were taken from a 94(?) demo) but however these sit beautifully with the newer recorded material so to me that just tells you how strong and consistent their material is. Each track here is written with almost the early 90s in mind. There is nothing here post 98 hahahha. I love it for thats exactly the way i operate too!!! Granted some of the riffs are plagerised which i persecuted a band in a review but as i made a point of, its how its executed and in context to the music that sets it aside. Clearly alot of thought has went into these songs and it shows.
A real jem of a cd, fans of the early 90s florida/new york scenes you would be an absolute fool to miss this. Miss out at your peril!!

1. Fall of the Archetypes 
2. Leviathan 
3. Vita Adeus 
4. Silent War 
5. Syndicate Empires
6. Less Than Human 
7. Threshold 
8. Ashes of Civilization 
9. Scourge 
10. Mindprobe 
11. Dark Tomorrow

Xtreem Music
Reviewer: Connor
Jul 12, 2010
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