Killing Gandhi – Cinematic Parallels

Hailing from Copenhagen, melo-death metallers Killing Gandhi deliver an extremely solid effort in their album "Cinematic Parallels". Straight away on the album I noticed the very humorous song titles such as “0100101101000111” which references the overused “djent”, deathcore or *insert other “core” sub-genre here* that only utilises the open string and the first fret of the guitar, and other song titles that were just funny by themselves, 'Drugs For A Mindfuck'' and 'D-Minor Took My Life' to name a couple. So the song titles are pretty good, but is the music? I can say with confidence in my answer that yes, this is a great example of modern metal done right. So Killing Gandhi have labelled themselves as “melodic death metal”, however this isn’t the only influence present on this release. There are “djent-y” riffs thrown about, technical rhythms, breakdowns and other aspects that you wouldn’t see on a typical melo-death disc.

The vocals are one of the biggest things I praise about this release, the vocalist has a lot of range and doesn’t stick to one continuous “shout” or “growl” and instead, uses a variety of different techniques through the release. He goes from sounding like Max Cavalera, screams reminiscent of Jeff Walker of Carcass to other screams that can be found more notably in the metalcore genre. There was an added element of synth in this release, and for some people, that can make or break an album, in this case it is done well and isn’t necessarily overused. However it isn’t something that was completely needed to be a part of this album, but I give props to the band for experimenting with it and including it in their overall sound.

Killing Gandhi have a bright future ahead of them, and my message to them is to keep moving forward and spread their Scandinavian influence across the world!

  1. Trailer #1
  2. The Cannibal Course
  3. What Lies Beneath
  4. Drugs For A Mindfuck
  5. Trailer #2
  6. The Lights Will Shine Forever
  7. Only The Strong Will Survive
  8. Trailer #3
  9. Leader Of Losers
  10. Trailer #4
  11. 0100101101000111
  12. The Rise And Fall Of A Superhero
  13. Illusion Of Death
  14. Trailer #5
  15. D-Minor Took My Life
  16. The Next Level

Reviewer: Samuel Worsfold
Oct 27, 2015
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