Killitorous - The Afterparty

Killitorous !! Don't you know who they are? Formed in 2006-07, the band is formed of current as well as ex-members of Suffocation, Vital Remains, Annihilator, First Fragment and Immersed .... Is it enough for you?

This "The Afterparty" is the second official album after "Party, Grind" released in 2014 for these Killitorous, bands that from their biography tell us that "they consists of the passion to" grind "and the general love of fast paced technical - death - metal... We wanted to be the band we never saw". Wow !!

We are therefore talking about technical death metal and certainly we can not say anything about the technique expressed in this album by these guys. Eric Morotti (Suffocation) on drums should make you understand many things, especially what we should all expect from his tec (h) nical drumming.

Let's talk now about this "The Afterparty". 10 songs built by people who live, and have lived, of bread and metal every day. Death metal shot at supersonic speed and played divinely. From artists who played in that type of band we certainly could not expect something superficial.

We're talking about a band with a devastating rhythm section, hallucinatory riffs and scary songwriting. Mathieu's voice is always present and evocative on every song, going from growl to screaming with a truly remarkable alternation and simplicity.

It would be somewhat difficult to make a ranking or list of the best songs contained in this work. Each one, from the opener "All hail the starchily" to the final one (and I leave you the honor of finding out what you have in the end huh huh) 'King Diamond Dallas Page' has something to say.

We are facing a very compact job and without any kind of compromise, for lovers of the genre and not. Certainly not for everyone, but certainly a great job.

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. All Hail The Starchild
2. Married With Children
3. Rodney Dangerfield Of Dreams
4. Eat Your God Alive
5. Slavesphere
6. Re-Anima-Tomatron
7. 30 Minutes
8. Insanity As A Pathway To Fame & Fortune : The Tyrannical Tirades Of Mike Tyson
9. Total Protonic Reversal
10. King Diamond Dallas Page