Kin Beneath Chorus - Invia

Greek metallers Kin Beneath Chorus take a serious approach to the death metal genre with their latest release, 'Invia'.

Whilst I'd barely touch on announcing their genre as death metal, I would agree they may have death metal blood within the influences of bands like Gojira and Lamb of God. But having said that, there's tons of melody paced within this record, and by melody I mean a lack of brutality. Not always a bad thing, but when it comes to metal it's probably what you're expecting.

The interluding aspects on the record are carefully placed. At most this alters the record's shape, making it more than just a heavy metal record. There's tranquillity within, and it's fucking beautiful to listen to. The mixing is very impressive, that of the highest production techniques, where every beat of the drums stands out clearly without drowning out any other instrument nor vocal aspect.

At times, barking vocals are brewed from vocalist Thanos, but his cleans are used perhaps more on the record. The clean singing isn't always soothing, and usually built up in a metalcore tantrum-like way, but believe me this is far from the hardcore scene as possible. Practically unique and refreshing to my ears, at most revitalising the metal world with massive sing-alongs, and melodic riffs. The chorus in album title track 'Invia' is perfect for this, whilst my favorite track among them is either 'Mariner's Compass' - Which is also one of the more heavier ones, or 'Atticus' for its whale sounds mixed throughout making it a blissful listen despite also being one of the more aggressive tracks on the album.

Kin Beneath Chorus are perhaps buried under their peers or bands around them, that shouldn't be above them in the musical food chain as this record tops most that's been released this year. It almost aggravates me how this band have been kept in the shadows, from myself at least, when really this is their year to shine. I don't think I could recommend a lost gem anymore than I already am, so do yourself a favour and give this album a spin.

  1. Intro
  2. The March
  3. Higher Than Man
  4. Session XII
  5. Invia
  6. White Light
  7. Those Days
  8. Mariner's Compass
  9. Atticus
  10. Farewell