King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul…. Please

Why is it that us reviewers build up such a perception on listening to so many different releases, a perception that at times disallows us to approach a KING DIAMOND album with less curious innocence as that of a child opening up a nursery rhyme book for the very first time?

Given that KING’s books are no common nursery rhyme at all, but rather what each metalhead would love seeing his children growing up reading, “Give me your Soul…. Please” is another of this series of malignant tales the Danish artist has taken upon himself to dandle the metal world with.

In fact it is no more no less the KING DIAMOND one has grown to love or hate, offering few little touches to his vicious stories about scared little children, haunted halls, mirrors that reflect the unseen, and anything that makes up for a good gothic horror melodrama movie.

Not half as dark as his last studio effort “The Puppet Master” or anything off his spookier early career, yet still charismatic enough to pass by as an above average metal album with moments that verge on noble superfluity only Diamond’s voice interplay and his accompanying scholar of superb riffs and reverence-demanding solo player Andy La Rocque can claim to their honour.

1. The Dead
2. Never Ending Hill
3. Is Anybody Here!
4. Black Of Night
5. Mirror, Mirror
6. The Cellar
7. Pictures In Red
8. Give Me Your Soul
9. The Floating Head
10. Cold As Ice
11. Shapes Of Black
12. The Girl In The Bloody Dress
13. Moving On

Massacre Records
Reviewer: necrogool
Feb 26, 2009
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