Kingdom – Sepulchral Psalms From The Abyss Of Torment

Poland’s Kingdom reaches the crucial third album mark. The third album is crucial because it either establishes a band to cement a long career or it will be their last. (I’m aware I am painting with broad strokes but generally that’s how it works). This is the first album I’ve heard from the band so I have no reference to their past releases so here we go.

Kingdom plays a dark and dirty take on death metal, with the darkness and atmosphere of Incantation and ferocity of Angel Corpse. The slow number 'Abyss Of Torment' revolves around a bass line and slow rhythm section that keeps kicking in and backing off before kicking in again while the track builds up. Like a beast that circles its prey taking swipes and attacks wearing you down slowly. 'Monolith Of Death' this is a 2 minutes attack, this is where the speed and the blastbeats come to the forefront. This is much more traditional death metal. 'Forsaken Tribe' kicks in with an infectious groove and a catchy riff demanding a head bang from the listener. 'Black Rain Upon The Mountain Of Doom' is just punishing and has an awesome solo Kerry King himself would be proud of! There’s a pretty decent rendition of Darkthrone’s 'Cromlech' which brings the album to a close.

All in all this is a relatively short but sweet attack on the senses. A strong and enjoyable slice of death metal. It chops and changes pace and keeps itself interesting throughout the album and it has this authentic grim atmosphere it’s a great soundtrack to the upcoming winter.

  1. Sepulchlar Psalms
  2. Monolith Of Death
  3. Forsaken Tribe
  4. Kaplica Ducha Zgniłego
  5. Abyss Of Torment
  6. Black Rain Upon The Mountain Of Doom
  7. Whispering The Incantation Of Eternal Fire
  8. Cromlech (cover Darkthrone)