Kirkkopalovaroitus - Pure Unholy Free Existence

Kirkkopalovaroitus is a Finnish Black Metal duet with a touch of gothic darkness, who's origins date back to 1997. Using a chilling keyboard background sound on some tracks and brutal yet creepy vocals blended in with some really nice riffs to create the most haunting atmosphere and "Unholy Free Existence" is the debute album announcing the blasphemistic works of this gruesome twosome: Mørk (guitars, bass and vocals) and Dr. Shitz (vocals, guitar, bass and drums). Kirkkopalovaroitus stands for the eradication of all religious thought-the goal is is total rejection of all religion and the English translation of this band's name losely means: "Church Fire Warning". I for one have total respect for this band's hate of organized religion and it's most "Evil" thoughts of getting rid of it. So if you like that new version of old sounding black metal and can't get enough of Christian bashing then this is the album for you. (:

I found this album to be amusing, entertainning and well put together. The heavy thickness of these melodies is what got me and just loved how this album flowed all together. Giving this one a 4/5 Enjoy!

1. Deathlike Embrace 
2. As Serpents Here 
3. Daemonic Hordes 
4. Total Human Holocaust 
5. Uskonto Kuolee 
6. Satan's Eye Is Bright 
7. Maailma Ilman Tuskaa 
8. Annihilation of the Human Debris

Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 12, 2009

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