Klandestyn - Wounds Bleed Black

Following the split release with Nephilm, the trio behind the Russian band Klandestyn came out with their debut digi-pack album ‘Wounds Bleed Black’, containing six tracks, few of them durable for six to ten minutes.

The first thing that stuck my attention is the vocal style which is quite close to the Polish band Profanum, something that you may hardly find in other bands. As for the rest, the music is pure Black Metal straight to your face. By this definition, I don’t mean that Klandestyn is one of those with cheap fuzzy bands. They sound more or less like Burzum with a thick sound and a darkened atmosphere; however the overall bands I could associate with are Darkthrone, Judas Iscariot (especially the slow parts) and a bit of Godless North. There is no complexity behind their music whatsoever it is well performed and filled with a stable tempo variety but mostly, their songs have a mid-paced approach and on occasions they get immersed into fast tempos.

Klandestyn stands for old school Black Metal without any compromises. Wounds Bleed Black may not be considered as a remarkable album however listeners into this genre will love this one!

1. Profane the Name Of God    
2. SS-18 (Doom)    
3. Frigus Magnum    
4. Black Mantra    
5. Hell Of Endless Thoughts    
6. Sickness    
7. Anthems    
8. In Chains, In Black Leather    
9. Visions In The Mist

Assault Rex / The Howl
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010

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