Kommandant - Kontakt

It may seem a bit laughable when a band switches all the Cs in their name for Ks, but Kommandant is no laughing matter. Their EP is a scorcher, offering six blistering tracks of hybrid black and death metal, although their music leans more towards black metal the with tremolo pickings and vocal style choice. The opening track is a grinding, steamrolling instrumental of death, lo-fi and lacking any emotion. This is what fans should expect from the group: total annihilation.

"Anti Human Nemesis" will blow listeners off their feet with the downright aggression of the guitars and drums that sound like they're in overdrive the entire time. There is little room for melody here as everything carries a nihilistic tone, and if it wasn't for the cleaned up production, the music might be damn near inaudible. The vocals usually have that black metal snarl, but there are other times when it carries into a rasping, guttering whisper or drone, and this helps add some depth to the music overall rather than things being one sided. However, throughout the album things to tend to sound the same as tracks like "Der Maschineraum" and "Der Maschineraum" refuse to give off any breathing moments as they all continue in the same kind of black metal vein. However, why fix something that isn't broken? The drums are the standout instrument throughout the album as they just hammer non stop, and sometimes tastefully too.

Fans who already know of this band will probably eat this up as a momentary offering before their next full length. New fans who enjoy extreme, pummeling black metal in the vein of older Marduk or perhaps Enthroned will also enjoy this, but don't expect anything too experimental like Deathspell Omega or symphonic like Dimmu Borgir. This is strictly for nihilists only...

  1. KK66N6ZT
  2. Anti Human Nemesis
  3. Codex Gigas
  4. Der Maschineraum
  5. Sulphur Chariot
  6. The Genesis Reaktor

Planet Metal
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jan 7, 2011

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