Kommandant - Stormlegion

This is the first full length album of this Chicago based Black Metal outfit. They already released a demo called “Iron hands of Scandinvia” back in 2006. Their style is very raw Black Metal with a strong Thrash Metal influence, which fits the clear production pretty good. The songs have quite variable drum work that ranges from D-Beat brutality to ultra fast Black Metal mayhem. Cold and eerie riffs as well as the pissed-off and angry vocals create a real dark atmosphere that is easily comparable with Cadaver Inc. or the Swedish allstar band War. Each song offers various killer riffs and tempo changes to make sure , that no one gets bored listening to “Stormlegion”. But please don´t expect any epic stuff on this release: this is pure aggression combined with effective extremity and furious war-infested eruptions. Get your copy if you like Deströyer 666, Exmortem, Aura Noir or similar acts. This solid Black / Thrash Metal attack is also recommended, if you want to take a look at the depths of the American Extreme Metal underground and its members.

1. Shiltron (Intro)
2. Stormlegion
3. Black Harvest
4. Barbarous, Victorious
5. Siege Engine
6. No Compassion
7. Vacuum Heart
8. Bypaths To Chaos
9. Embodiment Of Terror
10. Social Parasite
11. Ravenous Conquest
12. Blood And Savagery
13. The Aftermath (Outro)
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009
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