Kommandant - The Draconian Archetype

Ten track full length album from Chicago death metal band Kommandant, and it clocks in at over fifty minutes, so good value for your bucks! This is the bands second full length and they have been in existence since 2005 with many line up changes as you can imagine. The current line up make for a very tight outfit with bags of experience and it shows on this release. It kicks of with “We are the Angels of Death” which is a great start and the album just keeps on going form here on in. Great vocals throughout from Marcus, very good deep growly voice on him! The whole band are good musicians and a special mention to drummer David who is top notch, ably backed by bassist Mike and some neat guitar work from Jim, tight band and great musicians.

This band are not strictly death metal as they veer towards thrash at times, with cleaner vocals thrown in as well, works okay though and makes for a good sound. The track “Hate is Strength” is my favourite on this album, starts of with a crushing riff and great drum beat before the vocals kick in, great track!! “Procession of Black” the last track is another personal favourite of mine, an epic blast of metal, great vocals on this one, top notch deep growly, evil vocals!! In all honesty though all ten tracks are good and it is an album I enjoyed very much indeed, good playing from a very decent band indeed.

Well this is a good album, one well worth getting your hands on, if you are a death metal fan I would say this would be a very good addition to your collection, buy it and you wont be disappointed! I will look forward to hearing more from this band.


  1. We Are The Angels Of Death
  2. Victory Through Intorelance
  3. Downfall
  4. Hate Is Strength
  5. Obsidian Gravitational
  6. Fore-Aft Synthesis
  7. Call Of The Void
  8. The Transition
  9. Atavistic Species
  10. Procession Of Black