Kommando Baphomet – Blood Gospels Of Satanic Inquisition

Information is pretty scarce on Kommando Baphomet all I do know is that they are a two piece band hailing from Portugal. This is their first release through Godz Ov War Productions though I don’t know if this is their debut release in general.

Kammando Baphomet play a no nonsense relentless approach to black metal. It has that early Mayhem chaos with the raw earthiness of early Celtic Frost with the basic riffs and pummelling drums. While it’s hard to pick out stand out tracks it’s not much of a problem as the songs congeal together to build an overall atmosphere. You can picture the two banging this out in a studio or a small venue somewhere. Though closer 'A Thousand Corpses' changes pace and slows down before building back to a black & roll which is fun.

I did struggle to be brutally honest. Kommando Baphomet aren’t doing anything wrong it’s just it’s nothing you haven’t already got on another hundred other black metal albums. Hey! Maybe you just need that raw, vile nasty black metal itch scratched by something new and that’s all well and good, go for this but everyone else may look elsewhere.


1. Blood Bible
2. Unholy Fires Of Retribuition
3. Caos Devorador
4. Impious Blackdeath Order Of The Kommando Baphomet
5. Seven Holy Virgins
6. Living Hell
7. Irongoat Coronat
8. A Thousand Corpses

Reviewer: joedenby
Jan 12, 2020

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