Korpituli - The Ancient Spells Of The Past

Black metal! I deeply believe that it is necessary to come from countries where vast territories can seem inhospitable, this particular music style which moves the depths of the soul often releases a lot of melancholy, it speaks to our so often tortured souls. This is how Scandinavia produces us as always the best jewels of the style (sorry for the other countries, I assume my writings). So I find myself facing an LP of black metal: "The Ancient Spells Of The Past" by Korpituli! As you may have guessed it comes to us from Finland.

At the first listen we feel the guy a little tortured, yes I say the guy because behind this band hides a man, multi instrumentalist, of his real name S. Korpituli. At least there is no risk of misunderstanding!

Now let us dive into the heart of this opus, which is the first. We are entitled to 6 songs, but I will talk more about 5, one being very short. My opinion is more than shared, I am not convinced although I am sensitive to certain parts, but it is too little. Unless you are a genius in musical writing, you risk repeating yourself quickly and going around in circles, that is what seems to be happening and it is damaging because these are still unfinished drafts, and then I have a hard time listening to the same line for the entire length of a song.

Well I give a joker and I wait for better for the next time! So it is very likely that there could be die hard fans and therefore this LP must fill your library! But quite frankly only the first title, the longest "On Forgotten Paths" deserves attention, it is well constructed, well imagined, coherent. However, for the rest it is quite disappointing, I do not question the technical capacities of the musician or the production but it is still mediocre, I will not repeat myself, you will understand what I am trying to write. Very complicated to be so negative, but you have to be honest about the artistic quality of the whole. I only hope that this review will be positive for the future of this artist.

Line-up: S.Korpituli: all instruments, vocals

1.5 / 5 STARS

1. On Forgotten Paths
2. At Nightfall
3. Longing For The Unheard Of
4. Into The Magical Realm Of The Woods
5. The Ancient Spells Of The Past
6. Pale Homeward Souls

Self released
Reviewer: Ian Rache Nor
Aug 30, 2021

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