Korpse – Insufferable Violence

When you think of brutal slamming death metal this is the band that should come to mind. From The Netherlands Korpse’s raw brutality is immense, this is truly as heavy as it gets when it comes to the genre.

Korpse offer a distinctive sound in terms of slam metal leaning incredibly into the brutal aspect which in all honesty you can tell just by looking at the album cover. “Insufferable Violence” is an insane album kickstarting with the track ‘PTSD’ which certainly sets the atmosphere for the rest of the album. Starting off with a slower groovier style of distorted guitar with the voice sample playing throughout the track creating an angry atmosphere. However, the first track acts as a build up for the title track, as soon as the title track starts off you are kicked directly in the gut with speed, the deep distorted guitar, and the insane guttural vocal style. Safe to say that “Insufferable Violence” is one of the best brutal slamming death metal albums to come out as of recent.

This album does not slow down after the first song it is non-stop slams. The vocal work put into Korpse is great with the mentally low gutturals giving the illusion that the vocalist is a monster. This album is the soundtrack to the apocalypse.

My favourite track off of the album is the third one entitled, ‘Disposable Underaged Objects’. This is due to the action-packed nature of the track as a whole starting off with a sample talking about the death of many young girls and then a growl alongside blast beats and guitar burst into your ears continuing the apocalyptic nature of the album as a whole. The track simply goes full speed beginning to end with only time for a breakdown which is one of the brutalist breakdown’s I have ever heard.

The album has a slight issue with the lack of uniqueness as you most likely will not be able to the difference between some of the songs if it were not for the samples at the beginning so after a while the album does get incredibly similar. It is still a great listen, with songs that will blow you away.

“Insufferable Violence” is not for fans of softer music with constant heaviness and gory imagery throughout the album this is for fans of the heaviest style of metal music. However, in terms of the specific genre of metal music this is a near perfect album and a true masterclass in brutal slamming death metal.

5 / 5 STARS

Reviewer: Tom Peppard

Mar 31, 2021

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Korpse – Insufferable Violence

review Korpse - Insufferable Violence

2. Insufferable Violence
3. Disposable Underaged Objects
4. Self Preservation
5. A Final Lesson
6. Genocidal Bloodbath
7. Callousness
8. Vital Transaction
9. Molestation Condonation
10. Epochs Of Melancholy


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