Korum - Son Of The Breed

The debut from the French death metal band is released in 2002. Korum plays 10 tracks on this disc that have a slight touch of thrash metal. The vocals are (too) screamy and with a second brutal vocal as back up. The guitars are dominating with a bit of swedish style and have some nice riffs. Unfortunately no guiatrleads. To complete the music the drums are pounding the bits together. Not a bad album although I am not attracted to the vocal style (sorry Olivier).


1. Cowardice
2. Dying
3. Raised Upon All Men
4. Time Has Come
5. Circle Is Closing
6. Shivering
7. Enslaved
8. Follow
9. Carnival Masks
10. Until The End
11. -
Sekhmet Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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